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Aerobic Activity

Aerobic ActivityAerobic means "occurring in the presence of oxygen." Activity means "a state of being active." An activity that gets our heart and our lungs breathing harder is aerobic exercise. Aerobic activity pumps energy around our body. As our pulse rate rises, blood and oxygen supplies to muscles and vital organs increase, our endorphin levels rise helping to calm the mind; our metabolism revs up and our immune system gets a bonus charge too. Aerobic Activity conditions the heart and skeletal muscles, increases mitochondria and reduces stress, making us more efficient at energy use.

When our heart pumps harder and faster, it becomes more efficient even when we are not exercising. When we are sitting still, our heart pumps about 65 times per minute, pushing roughly one gallon of blood around our body. But during exercise, our heart can beat up to 200 times and pump six gallons of blood per minute. During exercise, muscles demand more oxygen. As our lungs work to provide it, our heart is forced to move blood faster so that our muscles can get enough of what is available. Full benefit from Aerobic activity to our heart and circulatory system comes when we exercise enough to make our heart pound faster for at least 20 minutes at a time between three and five times a week. 

Aerobic activity naturally increases our metabolism without the use of chemicals. Further, boosting activity levels increases bone mass prior to age 35 so peak density is attained, slows bone loss in the menopause years and beyond, improves flexibility and muscle strength to help prevent falls and fractures and increases our skeleton`s calcium absorption.

Most people are not aware of that aerobic activity or exercise is the best way for weight loss program. Proper nutrition or eating right for our body type and activity level along with aerobic activity and resistance training are all essential ingredients to a complete weight loss program.

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