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Aerobic Class

Aerobics Class
Aerobics ClassAn aerobics class is a place where people come to get trained in aerobics by an instructor. Mostly it is a room with an instructor at the head leading all the rest through a series of movements. The classes usually have a fixed routine. These classes are conducted about three to four times a week for about an hour each.

There are many different aerobic classes depending upon the type of aerobics. There are dance aerobic classes which involve dancing to a routine. There are many different types of dance aerobics such as hip-hop aerobics, bhangra aerobics and punk rock aerobics. These forms of aerobics are becoming especially becoming popular in recent times because they are enjoyable.

Step aerobics is also a form of aerobics which involves stepping up and down on an elevated platform to a specific beat. This type of an aerobics class  takes place in a closed room preferably air conditioned.

Water aerobics is another form of aerobics. A water aerobics class takes place in an indoor pool with a trained water aerobics instructor. It is somewhat similar to dry land aerobics.

Usually an aerobics class is well equipped with the type of machines that are required in the particular class. For example a step bench and skipping rope are present in a step aerobics class. Similarly in a water aerobics floats and balls with which aerobic exercises are done is kept. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us