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Aerobic Dance and Music

Aerobic DanceAerobic Dance
Aerobic dance combines exercise and dance movements into routines that are performed to music. Many dance forms are used, including ballet, jazz, and disco. Aerobic dance classes combine fat-burning aerobics with muscle building exercises and stretching. There is no jumping around in low-impact aerobic dance. You keep one foot on the ground at all times. It is slower paced and is easier to do than intermediate and advanced classes. Low-impact aerobic dance classes are good for you if you are older, overweight, or pregnant. If you are fit, they are a good choice when you are recovering from an injury.

Aerobic dance is safe and beneficial exercise for the highly fit person. It can be done indoors, which makes them year-round activities. Anyone with orthopedic problems or who experiences symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath should not engage in these activities.

Aerobic music
There are various flavors of aerobics music flourished since the exercise became popular. A new method of obtaining music has grown over the past few years and that is obtaining music via the internet. Many companies have set up websites to sell their music programs on the internet. A few sites have been set up to exchange royalty-free music mixes. The different types of aerobic music available for aerobic exercises are  Aqua, Body Shape, Cycling, Funk, Hip Hop, Interval, Kickboxing, Mid Tempo, Pilates, Special Step, Street Dance, Stretch, Yoga, Religious, etc.

Aerobic MusicStyle, speed, and volume must be considered if you choose to use music. Some specialty music might be more appreciated by some groups more than others. Make sure you use music that designed for safe performance of the moves.

General guidelines are: 120-124 beats per minute for Step and 136-148 for low impact aerobics. The slower beats are better for teaching Beginners classes.

Music is optional for some types of exercise. Instructors already compete with bad acoustics at indoor pools and planes and other noise pollutants at outdoor pools.

General atmosphere must be considered. Its better for new students to hear the instructions and save the instructors voice from straining during all the extra explaining. Sometimes a class full of regular students would need the extra boost of an entertaining tape.

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