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Aerobic Equipments

Cycle AerobicThe type of aerobic equipment required depends on the type of exercise that is done. Aerobic exercises can be divided into two types one is low-impact and the other is high- impact aerobics . Different equipments are required depending on the type of exercise involved. Aerobic equipments can be simple weights to multi purpose machines which work out various parts of the body.

The basics such as shoes and clothing are also a very important part of aerobics. The shoes should be comfortable and well fitting and should have soft soles. Aerobic equipment can include skis, bicycles, trampolines, jump ropes, treadmills etc. Jogging and Trademillcalisthenics are also exercises that can be done by beginners Treadmills can be used for jogging. Stair climbers is also an aerobic equipment that provides an excellent workout It involves stepping up and down from an elevated platform rhythmically. It gives a cardio workout and exercises the leg muscles. A trampoline is another type of aerobic equipment. It is an extremely efficient and fun way of getting a workout.

Various devices such as stop watches and heart rate monitors are also aerobic equipments that help us to keep checks on our speed and heart rates after an aerobic workout. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us