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Aerobic Instructor

Aerobic InstructorAerobics teaching is an interesting practice where you can earn extra income and get a good workout. You should have a combined knowledge of exercise guidelines, safety and cueing, where you can create a rewarding opportunity that enhances your physical fitness and the fitness of others.

Aerobic training is essential to build and maintain the health and fitness of the cardiovascular system. The Aerobic certification course will teach you what you must know in order to understand and design safe and effective aerobic training programs. To become a certified Aerobics Instructor learn the principles of aerobics that are a must for teaching todays diverse aerobics classes. This course covers setting up your business and the most popular and up to date aerobics methods. It teaches you the basics of aerobics, liability issues, types of programs, designing routines and establishing yourself as an aerobics instructor. Other topics are; training for seniors, aerobic dance routines, step aerobics, aquatic aerobics programs and safety.


  1. Get well acquainted with different types of aerobic exercise, including step aerobics, high and low impact aerobics, kick-boxing, water aerobics and sports aerobics.

  2. Enroll in a certified Aerobic instructor Course and first aid training class. The National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC) certifies individuals who wish to become instructors. There are many types of certifications some of which are a personal training certification, a fitness instructor certification, an aerobics instructor certification, or a wellness consultant certification.

  3. Read books on anatomy, exercise physiology, and motivational techniques. A basic understanding of fitness-related topics is recommended before pursuing a certification. 

  4. Seek certification by a nationally recognized organization.

  5. Practice cueing, or giving verbal instructions. Many certifying organizations offer classes on how to design and teach fitness classes, which include the techniques of cueing.

  6. To obtain teaching experience, arrange a class of friends or family members to instruct.

  7. Choose music that is meant for different exercises for smooth transitions and even counts.
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