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Aerobic Kick Boxing

Aerobic Kick BoxingAerobic Kickboxing is the most favourite form of Kick boxing, particularly with women. It is also called, "Boxing Aerobics". It is a great weight management tool, which regarded as the number one calorie burner of all fitness activities with around 800 calories burned per hour. Comparatively, regular aerobics/dance classes burn around 500 calories per hour.

It is presumed that Kickboxing was originated from Muay Thai, called Thai Boxing. It is a very popular sport in Thailand and is now getting more popular in other countries, especially in Japan. Internationally, it is known as a Japanese martial art.

Aerobic kick boxing is a combination of Kick-boxing and Karate skills with aerobic exercise to provide a unique combination of flexibility, strength, endurance, and cardio-vascular exercise with the added benefit of self-defense skills. It is a high-energy workout where the body and the mind must work as one.

Aerobic Kickboxing does not need any uniform. It is better to wear loose clothes. A person practicing kickboxing should drink plenty of water in order to replenish the bodys supply. Women, as well as men, enjoy taking part in this exercise. The workout can be performed to music, which can make it even more enjoyable.

People in general and women in particular have found the techniques of kick boxing interesting to build confidence, self-esteem, self-control, a positive mental attitude, endurance, muscle building, and weight management through a total body and mind work-out. In addition, it reduces stress levels. This workout combines the kicks of martial arts with the punches of boxing. It is effective in most areas of self-defense and personal fitness.

According to Dawn Jameson, a Kardio Kickbox teacher, "Kardio Kickbox is perfect for ladies. It`s a tremendous workout that also emphasizes the areas that most women are concerned with, such as their legs, hips, gluteus, and abdominals. They can dress comfortably and have a lot of fun getting in shape, plus learn some really good self-defense."

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