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Aerobic Exercise Video & DVD

Aerobic workouts builds stamina, strengthens the heart and helps with weight loss.  It is also called as "cardio workouts,". Aerobics exercise videos raise heart rate into its fat-burning zone. That`s the point where your body is burning stored fat deposits to provide the muscle energy needed to move your body. In addition, each aerobic video or aerobics DVD will improve overall fitness and raise your metabolism even after youve stopped exercising. 

Step Aerobics Video
Step Aerobic was created by Gin Miller. He took the basic concept of a football drill where athletes have been "stepping" up-and-down bleecher steps and incorporated it into a dance aerobics program. The result was a low-impact and high-intensity workout. On the basis of that, the idea of Step Aerobic  just took off. Gin worked with Reebok to develop the very first step aerobic video in 1992. Since that time, step workouts have become an on-going mainstay of both home and club workouts.  Now there are innumerable step aerobic videos and DVDs available in the market.

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