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Aerobic Wears

Aerobic Shoes 
Aerobic ShoesInjuries while doing exercises impact the health and quality of life of millions. Regular exercise is vital to overall health and fitness. The foot, ankle and lower extremity are important health and overall health and well-being.So specific shoes are essential while practicing aerobic exercise. Aerobic and step aerobic activities are among the most demanding activities. So opt for specific aerobic shoes with uncompromised shock absorption and support. Shoes of different types are available for different aerobic activities.

It is very important in aerobic exercise to accommodate all of the lateral movements that occur throughout the routines and the particular kind of athletic shoe to minimize the impact of running in place, bouncing, and especially in step aerobic shoes, the low impact of stepping down. Before buying a shoe for your aerobics exercise go through the following steps:

  1. Hold the shoe at the heel with one hand and the toe with the other hand and start twisting. The forefoot of the shoe should bend with light resistance.

  2. Check if it has any laterally positioned straps or staggered lacing systems which will aid in forefoot stability during exercising.

  3. It should have a sufficiently wide heel and a firm heel counter that will assist with ankle stability. 

  4. Upper surface of the shoe can be made of variety of materials like leather, canvas, plastic, coated fabric etc. Firm leather adds a greater support and durability to the shoe. Some other materials will often keep your foot cooler and dryer during exercise periods and they allow the shoe to breathe better.

  5. Aerobic WearThe sole of an aerobic step shoe consists of an insole and an outsole, The softer the sole, the greater the shoe`s ability to absorb shock. Make sure that the insole of the shoe compresses with pressure.

  6. Before selecting a shoe, take all your needs into consideration. Dont go for the general shoe in a class.  People with high arches and non-flexible feet, should opt for cushioning shoes. A plus size or overweight individual may need a heavier shoe for added support and cushioning.

  7. Floor surface is also an important factor in the selection of shoe. A shoe with less tread should be used on low-pile carpeted floors so that your feet don`t catch and drag as you twist and turn on the balls of your feet. Shoes with a little more tread for traction will work better on wood or linoleum exercise surfaces.

Aerobic Clothes
Aerobic clothing is also an important part of aerobic exercise. It has come on leaps and bounds, so it should be carefully selected.   Aerobics wears should be fashionable that can perform in extreme conditions and at the same time look fantastic. Aerobic clothing range consists of Bra & Crop Tops, Flares & Capris, Jackets & Sweat tops, Pants & Jog bottoms, Shorts, Vests & T-Shirts and Underwear.

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