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Aerobics - A Slow Burning Fitness Revolution

AerobicsIn some ways aerobics can be called a way of life. It is form of exercise that targets the respiratory and cardio-vascular system thus increasing the efficiency of the system. It does not have immediate effect , the effects are seen over a period of time. Hence it has to be done on a regular basis over a period of time.

It helps in weight loss and improves flexibility. It makes the body strong and supple. Usually aerobics are done to a set routine for example it can be done three times a week for an hour each.

The biggest advantage of aerobics is that it can be done without equipments or instructor as simple exercise such as jogging is also considered aerobics.

The effects of aerobics can last a lifetime if done regularly. As aerobics increases the metabolism of the body it helps the body to burn fat faster. Thus we can lose weight without starving ourselves.

Aerobics promotes a healthy lifestyle. It does not necessarily help us build muscles but it helps to keep the body in good functioning condition. It helps us to lose weight and also helps to loosen muscles.  Thus it is beneficial for people suffering from obesity . It also helps to make the joints more flexible in people suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis.

Thus for people searching for long term solutions to their health related problems aerobics may be the answer.

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