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Types of Aerobics
Water Aerobics Low Impact Aerobics Dance Aerobics
Sports Aerobics Step Aerobics

There are various types of aerobics such as
1. Low impact aerobics
2. Water/Aqua aerobics
3. Step aerobics
4. Dance aerobics
5. Sports aerobics

RowingAdvantages of aerobics
Normal day to day task is also a part of aerobics, though we may be unaware of it. These include walking running, hiking, bicycling, swimming, cross country skiing, stair climbing, rowing, aerobic dance and many other activities. Some of the benefits are as listed below:

  • Aerobics helps to strengthen our heart and lungs which in turn leads to better expulsion of waste materials such as carbon di oxide.

  • It helps the heart by increasing its blood stroke volume. 

  • Efficient use of oxygen helps to burn fat more effectively.

  • It strengthens the defense system, lowers blood pressure and helps in reducing the risks of developing diabetes and other life threatening diseases.

  • Aerobics increases good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol and helps a person to recover faster form any sort of disease.

  • Our cardiovascular system is also affected. It becomes more efficient while doing aerobics and as a result it increases our chance of maintaining healthy weight later in life.
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