Surya Yoga, Surya yog Sadhanas The website on Surya yoga provides information about Surya yoga, The Supreme Sun, Philosophy of Surya yoga, Sun and Healing, Sun Gazing, Surya Sadhana, Universal Prayer and also about Prana, Third Eye and Propagation. You would be able to discover everything related to the subject of Surya yoga and the Sun`s magical heeling power with just a click.
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  • What is Suryayoga
    What is Surya yoga
    Surya yoga is a combination of two Sanskrit words, Surya and Yoga.  `Surya` means `Sun` and  `yoga` means `to yoke` or together which literally means to amalgamate with the sun - become one.
    Sun Light and Healing
    Sunlight And HealingSunlight is every bit as central to our health and well-being as proper nutrition, clean water, and exercise. Advntages of Sunlight are:

  • Warming Infrared
  • Antiseptic Ultraviolet
  • Vitamin D
  • Body Regulation
  • Third Eye And Prana
    Prana is described as vitality, as the integrating energy that coordinates the molecules, cells, and cellular structures, and holds them together as a physical organism.
    Sun :The Supreme Power
    Sun: The Supreme PowerLight is considered as the symbol for all splendour and glory of the spirit. It stands for truth, order, reality, goodness, beauty, intelligence, wisdom, bliss and immortality. Therefore the sun is light and life.
    Philosophy of Suryayoga
    Philosophy of SuryayogaThe science and philosophy of Surya yoga comes from most ancient times, So it is necessary to understand the philosophy of Surya yoga. By Practicing Surya yoga, one will find an inner peace that will radiate outwards and life will become one of greater joy and experience.
    SungazingSungazing is a one-time practice, usually for a period of 9 months, or 44 minutes, of sun gazing. You can break up the practice into three phase:
  • 0-3 months
  • 3-6 months and
  • sun gazing practice, you will then walk barefoot, Barefoot walking on bare earth anchors the solarized energies in your body, after which no further sun gazing or walking is required.
    Universal Prayer
    Prayer is importantant for our spiritual nourishment. Prayer is food for the universe, and it can be prepared in the most creative of ways ... food for the soul, for the spirit, for the universe.

    Surya yog Sadhanas
    Suryayoga SadhanasSurya Swami, the preacher of Surya yoga has given the following sadhanas:
  • Gazing
  • Meditation with closed eyes
  • Circle Of Light
  • Salutation
    Since the beginning of this Universe the Sun has been there sharing its light and warmth on all. It is our visible God, who without fail supports us each and every day.
    Surya Yoga is propagated, free of cost, in over 26 centres in Mumbai and many others across the country by Surya Swami.
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